Landmine Survivors: Cambodia

Is a professional troupe of actors who have been injured by accidental run ins with the estimated four to six million landmines that still litter the country. These are people with disabilities who are working together to help themselves, while building a network to support other disabled people in remote regions of the country where they are out of reach but very much in need. The disable performers have bravely risen above their physical challenges in a country where their misfortune and physical appearance leaves them ostracized. They have countered their physical misfortunes with the beauty of their performance and transformed their shame into pride. The show promises to both inform and inspire. All are welcome to attend.

The performances themselves offer visitors to Siem Reap an opportunity to not only better understand what the landmine problem has done to our culture and people, but to communicate hope. All of the actresses and actors have had their lives radically changed by an encounter with a landmine from the war, disease or other accidents. Far from victims, they actually feel lucky to have survived and through their performances, they are able to tell visitors their stories.

The show Life is Struggle, Life is Hope is more than a simple theatrical experience; the cast communicates the realities of people with disabilities. But it is even more than that. Like a visit to Angkor Wat’s temples or a dish of home cooked Khmer food, it offers visitors to Siem Reap a very special and inspiring memory.

There are many ways for visitors to Siem Reap to immerse themselves in our local culture but there is no better way to absorb the cultural impact of the landmines and their victims than a performance of Life is Struggle, Life is Hope. By simply attending the show you will help our cast restore their self-esteem, thereby supporting our efforts to make a difference for the disabled in Cambodia.

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