Poverty in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country of wonderful beauty and rich culture

Over 14 million people call Cambodia home, but sadly, the country has been ravaged by three decades of civil war and torn apart by the bloody reign of the Khmer Rouge regime. Millions of landmines set during this time claimed lives and disabled many people.

The Khmer Rouge government and its subsequent terrorism held Cambodia random and led to starvation, economic disaster, and immense poverty in Cambodia. The dark days of the regime are in the past and the Cambodian people look towards a more hopeful future. Unfortunately, Cambodian growth has been very slow. Since the expulsion of the Khmer Rouge, the poverty stricken children and adults can be found selling all sorts of items on the streets. They approach restaurant patrons to sell their wares, or eat the food left on tables. Many of these poor and underserved are landmine victims.

As outcasts in Cambodian society, they find it difficult to find work and are forced to feed themselves in any way that they can. Visitors to Cambodia are often confronted by landmine victims who are missing limbs, blinded, or both. That is the sad reality of Cambodia.

Landmine Survivors: Cambodia was formed to help those affected.

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