December 5, 2015

Landmine Survivors: Cambodia‘s first performance at 10th Annual Angkor Wat Bike4Kids fundraiser will be on 5th Dec 2015.

VFI and TDH-NL are proud to host the 10th Annual Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! The Bike4Kids! is a fun bicycle ride and race of 17, 30, or 100 km open to all ages, around the Angkor Wat temple complex in Siem Reap. The event fundraiser benefits four charities in Cambodia working to protect children and end human trafficking. If you unable to attend the event you can donate by sponsoring a rider here.

The Landmine Survivors: Cambodia

Troupe performs two-three times a month at Amansara, Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The hotel helps support the troupe with an income, but it is the guests, moved by their performances, who often provide the generous cash donations that go beyond simply providing money for essentials. These donations help assist our performers in other much needed areas.

For instance:

Agriculture training course

The donations received by guests of Amansara helped provide five families with a training course in growing vegetables, mushroom and raising chickens.   The disabled performers learned well and now they and their families are anxious to move to the next step; a micro loan to begin a profitable vegetable growing and marketing project.




Medical treatment Assistance

Mr. Vanthang is a former soldier who stepped on the landmine and lost his right leg. He is a featured member our troupe.  He is currently having some health issues.  After traveling once a month from January to April 2014 to Battambong Hospital for treatment, the problem was not entirely solved.  He received a final medical check-up in Phnom Penh Hospital and, though the medical treatment is considered complete, his doctor has advised him to eat healthy food on a daily basis.  The donations of Amansara guests provided him with the treatments he received and continue to provide him with the nourishment his doctor recommends.  Though he still needs the assistance of crutches, he is much healthier today as a result.


Phare; The Cambodian Circus has become a must-see attraction in Siem Reap. Famous for transforming orphaned, homeless or needy young people into first class circus performers, the troupe is truly amazing. What better big brother could Landmine Surviviors: Cambodia hope for to help them continue their stage training?  Like a wish come true, Phare now meets with LSC’s performers once a month to improve the quality of their individual and group performance.  This is an on-going project with the transportation for the actors provided through the guest’s generous donations.

While most westerners may not consider celebrations on the holidays a luxury, our troupe is very poor.  Thanks, again, to the generosity of Amansara’s guests, the members of Landmine Survivors: Cambodia troupe and their families can now enjoy wonderful celebrations complete with dinner & drinks on Christmas and Khmer New Year day.
Not only do they enjoy full bellies and healthy socializing, each family is provided with a bag of rice.

Landmine Survivors: Cambodia‘s performance is educational and entertaining. They are happy to share their message.If you would like to enjoy the satisfaction of know that your helping to support programs like these as well as the on-going needs of our troupe and their families, please contact us.

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