The Cast

The show’s cast of eleven

Is comprised of very real land mine survivors and other disabled actors who reside in and around the Siem Reap area.  These men and women balance their need for food and shelter and their desire to help their families with their activities with the troupe.

It is the hope of the actors that performances of Life is Struggle, Life is Hope will highlight the physical difficulties and human rights challenges they confront every day.  The end result should not only leave the audience with an understanding of the survivor’s tragedies and pain, but also their hopes and dreams for their future.


  • Mr. Soviet
  • Ms. Som
  • Ms. Sothear
  • Ms. Sothoum
  • Ms. Thearn
  • Mr. Chumno
  • Mr. Soklai
  • Mr. Chumroeun Pin
  • Mr. Lai
  • Mr. Oeab Chumroeun
  • Mr. Chenda

Tola and the cast feel a deep sense of gratitude to all of the dear friends and generous supporters who have helped bring Life is Struggle, Life is Hope to the stage.

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