The Mission

We are many acting as one toward a variety of goals

Like any benevolent group, we always appreciate support.  This support may come in the form of a financial gift, attendance at one of our performances or the donation of items that can help improve the lives of those less fortunate.

Education in Cambodia is not the same as it is in Western countries.  Cambodian families must pay the teachers directly or, if children attend state schools, they must provide their own supplies and bring their own food.  The children of the disabled rarely have the resources to make an education possible. Because they are generally very poor, they cannot offer their children the education that would give them a chance at a better life and so the cycle of poverty continues. Landmine Survivors: Cambodia hopes to help end this cycle in various ways

  • Provide education to students with disabilities, or children of parents with disabilities, who are living in poor conditions by assisting in enrolling them in state schools.
  • Improving their education in existing state schools with study and lesson materials.
  • Improve their health by providing nutritious food.
  • Whenever geographically possible, provide assistance in enrolling them in English and computer lessons in private schools.
  • Try to provide the disabled with skill training in various fields of endeavor so that they can fulfill their dreams and provide for themselves and their families.

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